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Customer Service Representative - Fun Entry Level Openings!

  2020-11-12     Southern Event Management     Montgomery,AL  

Customer Service Representative - Fun Entry Level Openings!

At our office we want to teach customer relations and marketing fundamentals and then move individuals into management roles. It's how we expand our company.

This position is full time and involves responsibilities in:
Entry-level Sales, Marketing & Customer Service
Entry-level Management Training in Customer Service
Sales and Marketing presentations for customer service initiatives
Face to face sales and marketing of new services for our clients
Sales and marketing techniques
Training current sales and marketing reps in customer service

We cross-train all employees within leadership development which includes:
Sales and marketing training fundamentals
Team building and mentoring
Entry-level marketing and sales consulting

Benefits & Our Culture:
The management & marketing team offers an environment where our employee's ideas are not only heard but implemented. We offer a team-based and structured environment, however, employees are expected to be self-disciplined in managing their own time and work schedule.
Fun, team building environment
Travel Opportunities
Leadership workshops & development
Financial management, business management, time management
Philanthropy events -- a chance to give back to the community
Recognition for top performers
Advancement to management based on performance

Job Requirements:

Job Requirements:
The position is an entry-level position so no direct experience is necessary. We believe that hard work, a student mentality, and exceptional communication skills are all that someone needs to be successful in our firm. Training will be provided in multiple aspects of our company including; leadership, marketing, customer service and management.

Successful Candidates must have the following characteristics:
Excellent Interpersonal Skills
Huge Drive, Ambition, and Motivation for Success
Outstanding Work Ethic
Character, Integrity, and Professionalism
Fun Personality
Team Player


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